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The R. H. Forschner Knife Company, a division of Victronix, has been in business since 1855. Since that time they have become renowned for their extremely sharp Swiss made blades. Forschner blades are made of high carbon stainless steel that is heat treated with a special tempering process and then taper ground to produce beveled edges which are world renowned for their razor sharpness, durability, and ease of sharpening.

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Our Spoons are the best value on the market today, made with a paint finish that does not disappear. The 100SK & 300HS-K are made with spring brass to hold their shape, and then silver-plated and painted.

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We have over 25 models of 2-inch & 4-inch flies. They include many with Glow and UV materials. Each 4" fly has a 40# test 40" leader, Eagle Claw 1/0 2X hook and 5 beads for better hook placement.

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We carry a wide range of terminal tackle, including, Split Rings, Snap Swivels, Klinchers and a large assortment of hooks. We also stock Ande Line, Forschner Knives, Sheaths and much more.

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